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Discover SODIC East: A World-Class Haven in East Cairo

 Welcome to SODIC East, an exceptional world-class destination nestled in the heart of East Cairo. This sprawling oasis, strategically located between the Cairo-Suez and Cairo-Ismailia roads, offers a unique living experience. Let's embark on a journey to explore the wonders of SODIC East and why it stands out as a prime investment opportunity.

Location That Speaks Volumes

SODIC East is more than just a residential compound; it's a meticulously planned community that boasts a privileged location:

  • Conveniently situated on Ismailia and El Suez road.

  • Just minutes away from the New Administrative Capital.

  • Adjacent to El Shorouk city and facing the Madinaty residential project.

  • Accessible through the Regional Ring Road with 12 easily reachable gates.

Strategic Proximity

  • 5 minutes to El Shorouk

  • 20 minutes to New Cairo

  • 25 minutes to the New Capital

  • 25 minutes to Cairo International Airport

Sasaki: Pioneering Excellence in Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning

The renowned Massachusetts-based firm, Sasaki, stands as a powerhouse in the world of landscape architecture, urban planning, and design. With a legacy spanning decade, Sasaki has earned international acclaim for its innovative and sustainable approach to shaping the built environment. Founded in 1953, the firm has played a pivotal role in crafting transformative spaces that seamlessly integrate nature, community, and functionality. Sasaki's expertise extends across various projects, from urban developments and campuses to parks and cultural institutions. Known for its commitment to creating resilient and inclusive environments, Sasaki continues to be a trailblazer in the field, leaving an indelible mark on landscapes worldwide.

A Grand Canvas: 655 Acres of Possibilities

SODIC East encompasses a vast expanse of 655 acres, harmoniously divided into distinct neighborhoods. Explore a variety of unit types, including villas, twin houses, and townhouses, offering spaces ranging from 120 m² to a generous 500 m².

Standalone Villas

1. LV:

  • Ground Floor Area: 162 m²

  • First Floor Area: 197 m²

  • Penthouse Area: 36 m²

  • Roof Terrace Area: 121 m²

  • Total Area: 395 m²

2. MV

  • Ground Floor Area: 133 m²

  • First Floor Area: 157 m²

  • Penthouse Area: 50 m²

  • Roof Terrace Area: 85 m²

  • Total Area: 340 m²

3. SV

  • Ground Floor Area: 95 m²

  • First Floor Area: 134 m²

  • Penthouse Area: 41 m²

  • Roof Terrace Area: 68 m²

  • Total Area: 270 m²

3. XV

  • Ground Floor Area: 98 m²

  • First Floor Area: 119 m²

  • Penthouse Area: 34 m²

  • Roof Terrace Area: 68 m²

  • Total Area: 251 m²

Twin House

1. Corner A

  • Ground Floor Area: 94 m²

  • First Floor Area: 116 m²

  • Penthouse Area: 35 m²

  • Roof Terrace Area: 65 m²

  • Total Area: 245 m²

2. Corner B

  • Ground Floor Area: 95 m²

  • First Floor Area: 117 m²

  • Penthouse Area: 33 m²

  • Roof Terrace Area: 69 m²

  • Total Area: 245 m²

Town House

1. Corner A and D

  • Ground Floor Area: 104 m²

  • First Floor Area: 111 m²

  • Penthouse Area: 19 m²

  • Roof Terrace Area: 82 m²

  • Total Area: 234 m²

2. Corner B and C

  • Ground Floor Area: 93 m²

  • First Floor Area: 102 m²

  • Penthouse Area: 39 m²

  • Roof Terrace Area: 55 m²

  • Total Area: 234 m²

TR House

1. 3 Bedroom Corner Unit (A&C)

  • Ground Floor Area: 89 m²

  • First Floor Area: 106 m²

  • Penthouse Area: 13 m²

  • Roof Terrace Area: 83 m²

  • Total Area: 208 m²

2. 3 Bedroom Middle Unit (B)

  • Ground Floor Area: 85 m²

  • First Floor Area: 95 m²

  • Penthouse Area: 16 m²

  • Roof Terrace Area: 63 m²

  • Total Area: 196 m²

Payment Flexibility

5% down payment, installments over 7 years.

Amenities Beyond Compare

SODIC East doesn't just provide homes; it crafts a lifestyle. Dive into a world of amenities tailored to enrich your daily life:

  • Neighborhood Services: A comprehensive range of services catering to daily needs.

  • Retail/F&B: Indulge in a delightful shopping and dining experience.

  • Medical Facility: Ensuring health and well-being within arm's reach.

  • Edutainment/Adventure: Explore avenues for learning and recreation.

  • Green Spine: Over 84% of open and green spaces for a refreshing environment.

  • Transportation Hub: Easy connectivity for your convenience.

  • Social and Sports Club: Embrace a healthy and active lifestyle.

  • Mosque: A place of tranquility and reflection.

  • Camping Culture: Connect with nature in designated camping areas.

  • Social Nodes: Hubs for community gatherings.

  • Facility Management: Ensuring seamless living experiences.

  • City Hall School: Fostering education within the community.

  • Walking-Promenades: Stroll through scenic pathways for relaxation.

SODIC East El Shorouk: Where Dreams Take Root

Discover the crown jewel – SODIC East El Shorouk project, spanning up to 100 acres. Immerse yourself in its unparalleled features:

  • A sprawling 26-acre garden for serene moments.

  • A refined Islamic-style mosque accommodating worshipers.

  • Safe garages to prevent congestion within the compound.

  • A shopping area featuring the finest brands.

  • A 40-acre sports club with diverse sporting facilities.

  • A health club with spa and jacuzzi for ultimate relaxation.

  • A social club for community celebrations and gatherings.

  • Clinics, pharmacies, and dedicated play areas for all ages.

Secure, Sustainable, and Accessible Living

SODIC East prioritizes your security and the environment:

  • A tight security system with trained guards and 24-hour surveillance.

  • Power generators for automatic operation during outages.

  • Emphasis on solar energy usage for a cleaner environment.

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of SODIC East El Shorouk – a project that transcends expectations. Book your unit now and relish exclusive services within this extraordinary community.

Inquire and invest today to secure your dream home in SODIC East. Your journey to a world-class living experience begins here with Tatari Investment.

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