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Eastown Elegance: Where Timeless Luxury Meets Modern Living in East Cairo's Heart

Welcome to Eastown, a world-class luxurious compound settled in the heart of New Cairo. Developed by SODIC, Eastown is a mixed-use masterpiece spanning 204 acres, strategically designed to offer residents a modern lifestyle enriched with amenities, green spaces, and urban conveniences. Let's dig into the details of this extraordinary project that could be your next dream home.

Location Highlights

Directly adjacent to the American University in Cairo (AUC).

15 minutes from Cairo - Sokhna Road.

25 minutes from Cairo Airport.

Spacious Living

With a massive space of 204 acres, Eastown provides ample room for a variety of residential options, including East Town apartments and duplexes. The apartments start at a comfortable 130 square meters and go up to 220 square meters, while the duplexes offer even more space, ranging from 245 to 316 square meters. SODIC offer a flexible payment plan to secure your unit with a 10% downpayment, followed by interest-free installments over 7 years. Units will be delivered within 3 years of contracting.

Eastown Parks: A Residential Haven within a Gated Community

As part of Eastown's commitment to providing a diverse range of living experiences, Eastown Parks emerges as a residential jewel. Located around four precisely landscaped parks, each on a different level, this project offers a serene living experience within a secure, gated community.

Contemporary Design

The homes at Eastown Parks are a proof to contemporary design principles, ensuring an efficient use of space, open living areas, and customizable features. The focus is on creating an urban lifestyle that seamlessly integrates with the surrounding greenery.

Convenient Location

Located in the south corner of Eastown, Eastown Parks benefits from a strategic position near Eastown's clubhouse and Pedestrian Green Spine. Just a five-minute walk away from Eastown Square, the Commercial Zone, and various dining options at Eastown Hub, convenience is woven into every aspect of living here.

Amenities and Services

Explore the diverse amenities that make Eastown a premier choice for luxurious living:

  • Club: Enjoy the vibrant Club S, fostering a sense of community.

  • Electric-Charging: Stay eco-friendly with electric charging stations.

  • Mall: Experience high-end retail therapy at EDNC, Eastown's commercial component.

  • Mosque: A serene place for worship within the community.

  • Offices: Convenient workspaces integrated into the development.

  • Parks: Green spaces, pocket parks, and walking promenades for outdoor relaxation.

  • Supermarket: Access to daily essentials within the compound.

Eastown Parks: Where Urban Living Meets Serenity

  • Eastown Parks, the latest residential project, is designed around four main parks on different levels.

  • Unobstructed views of the clubhouse and the Pedestrian Green Spine from every home.

  • Contemporary designs focusing on open living spaces, connect ability, and customizability.

Eastown Residences: Intelligent Design for Modern Living

  • An extension of the successful Eastown Residences Phases I-VII.

  • Apartments and Duplexes with unique architectural designs.

  • Options include private gardens and roof terraces, catering to various preferences.

  • Proximity to Eastown Square, Commercial Zone, and the vibrant Eastown Hub.

Eastown Master-plan: Zoning for Excellence

  • Eastown Residences Zone: Gated community of Apartments and Duplexes around the Residential Spine.

  • The Residential Spine: A pedestrian-friendly gateway through Eastown Residences.

  • The Clubhouse: Featuring restaurants, cafés, and sporting facilities for residents.

  • The Commercial Spine: Linking Eastown Hub, Eastown Square, and various entertainment and retail venues.

  • Commercial/Entertainment Zone: Home to Eastown Hub, Eastown Square, and a range of commercial and entertainment options.

Security, Specifications, and Amenities: Your Safety and Comfort Come First

  • Multiple layers of security with the latest technology.

  • Gated and monitored master community by EDARA Security Services.

  • Safe, pedestrian-friendly roads ensuring resident safety.

  • Eastown Clubhouse membership offering swimming pools, sports facilities, restaurant, and café.

  • Communal gardens, on-ground parking spaces, durable exterior facades, and concealed AC units for a seamless living experience.

Your Luxury Lifestyle Awaits at Eastown

Eastown is not just a residence; it's a lifestyle curated for those who appreciate the fusion of luxury, convenience, and natural beauty. As you explore the intricacies of Eastown, envision a life where urban living meets tranquility. Take the first step towards your dream home—reach out to Tatari Investment for more information and embark on a journey to the epitome of luxury in East Cairo. Your extraordinary living experience begins at Eastown!

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