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Egypt & UAE Join Forces: How the Ras El Hekma Project Mega-City Project Will Impact the Region

A Historic agreement between Egypt and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) paves the way for the development of a new mega-city in Ras El Hekma, Egypt. This ambitious project, the largest foreign direct investment (FDI) in Egypt's history, marks a pivotal moment for the region and the country's economic future.

Ras El Hekma: A Vision for Transformation and Growth

Reimagining the North Coast: Creating a next-generation city:

Spanning over 170 million square meters, Ras El Hekma will be transformed into a modern, integrated city designed for a thriving future. Here's what this exciting project entails:

Living the Dream

  • Luxury residential areas: Featuring modern apartments, villas, and resorts catering to a growing population and tourism demand.

  • World-class amenities: Hospitals, educational institutions, and world-class universities providing residents with exceptional living standards.

A Tourism Paradise

  • Thriving tourist destination: Boasting world-class hotels, expansive entertainment venues, and a large marina to attract millions of visitors annually.

  • Captivating experiences: The visionary development plan includes expansive entertainment venues that will leave you enthralled.

A Business Hub

  • Business and economic hub: Featuring a free economic zone, a central business district, and logistics hubs to stimulate economic activity and attract global companies.

Long-term vision

  • Growth and Diversification: The project is expected to create millions of jobs, attract 8 million tourists annually, and contribute significantly to Egypt's economic growth and diversification.

Strategic partnership

This project reflects a strong collaboration between Egypt and the UAE, with both nations playing crucial roles in development and operation.

Ras El Hekma is more than just a development project; it's a vision for transformation and growth that promises to shape the future of Egypt's North Coast.

Egypt Levels Up: Economic Boom and Infrastructure Revolution in Ras El Hekma

Get ready for a transformation! The Ras El Hekma project is poised to supercharge Egypt's economy, revolutionize its infrastructure, and stabilize its currency. Here's how:

1. Economic Engine:

  • Millions in Investments: A massive influx of foreign capital is set to ignite economic growth.

  • Job Creation Bonanza: Millions of new jobs will be created, empowering the Egyptian workforce.

  • Tourism Boom: Expect a surge in tourist arrivals, boosting a key driver of Egypt's economy.

2. Infrastructure Revolution:

  • Taking Flight: A brand new international airport will connect Ras El Hekma to the world.

  • High-Speed Connection: Bullet trains will whisk you away, making travel seamless and swift.

  • Going Green: The project embraces renewable energy sources, ensuring a sustainable future.

3. Currency Confidence:

  • Stabilizing the Pound: The influx of foreign currency will strengthen the Egyptian Pound.

  • Addressing the Crisis: The project aims to resolve the ongoing foreign exchange crisis.

Never Ending Rewards of Ras El Hekma

  • More Mega-Projects on the Horizon: Two equally ambitious projects are planned, further propelling Egypt's development.

  • Long-Term Growth: The project's 30-year investment timeframe ensures sustained growth for decades to come.

  • Exchange Rate Boost: Expect a positive impact on the Egyptian Pound, leading to a stable and liquid foreign exchange market.

  • Investing in the Future: The UAE's commitment signifies long-term confidence in Egypt's economic well-being.

This groundbreaking project signifies a significant step forward for Egypt's economic development and its ambition to position itself as a leading tourism and business destination in the Mediterranean region.

Ras El Hekma: A Prime Investment Opportunity


This historic deal makes Ras El Hekma a highly attractive location for investors. The combination of natural beauty, state-of-the-art facilities, and a thriving investment landscape creates the ideal destination to secure beachfront property and reap the rewards of a wise investment.


Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity! Explore the potential of Ras El Hekma and be a part of this transformative project. Imagine being at the forefront of a thriving new metropolis, surrounded by luxury, opportunity, and a vibrant future. If you're interested in investing in Ras El Hekma and becoming a part of this historic development, reach out to us!


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