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Escape to Luxury: Caesar, North Coast's Coastal Masterpiece

Experience the symphony of sophistication at Caesar. Situated on Egypt's Mediterranean shores, Caesar offers more than just a residence - it's a harmonious blend of luxury, charm, and innovation.

Unwind in timeless elegance:

  • 1km of pristine beachfront

  • Panoramic Mediterranean views

  • A fusion of simplicity and luxury

  • Embrace the essence of carefree beachside summers

Crafted by the visionary minds at SODIC, Caesar is a standout destination in the North Coast.

Explore and discover Caesar - your perfect coastal escape awaits!

Location & Connectivity

Caesar, located at km 82 on the Alexandria-Matrouh Road, spans over 1.5km of beachfront along one of Egypt's most beautiful bays. The newly operational Fouka road ensures a smooth commute from Cairo, providing a hassle-free drive to this summer getaway in just two hours.

  • 5 Minutes from June

  • 35 Minutes from Sidi Abdel Rahman

  • 45 Minutes from Al Alamein Airport


Caesar in North Coast is not just a residential destination; it's a haven of comfort and entertainment. The resort offers a myriad of services, including:

  • Beach

  • Clubhouse

  • Mosque

  • Pool

  • Restaurants

  • Supermarket

  • Walking-Promenades

Design & Architecture

Caesar's design reflects a commitment to convenience and luxury. The landscaping incorporates sandy footpaths, airy courtyards, and terraced tiers that offer mesmerizing views of the Mediterranean. The topography, with five-stepped tiers, enhances the beauty of Caesar and allows for a free flow of the northern breeze.

A Glimpse into Caesar's Charm

The Bay: A Secluded Retreat

Step into "The Bay," Caesar's private retreat, where crystal-clear waters is just steps away from the restaurant and pier. Here, homeowners and guests find solace in a genuine summer getaway, surrounded by serene atmospheres and soul-soothing vistas.

The Beachfront: Adventure Revealed

Caesar's captivating beachfront, adorned with palm-lined shores, unveils a haven for the adventurous. Whether indulging in canoeing, kayaking, or embracing the laid-back ambiance, "The Beachfront" promises a spectrum of experiences against the backdrop of pristine open waters.

The Pier: Views to Remember

Savor exceptional views of Caesar from "The Pier," a social connection with walkways, decks, and signature restaurants. Acting as a natural divider between The Bay and Beachfront, The Pier encapsulates the perfect setting for families and friends to create enduring memories.

The Restaurant: Tempo's Coastal Symphony

Tempo, having earned acclaim in Allegria, finds a new home at Caesar. Nestled on the Bay with spectacular views, Tempo offers a delectable dining experience catering to diverse age groups. It's not just a restaurant; it's a communal haven throughout the day and breezy summer evenings.

The Green Spine: Nature's Playground

Spanning 9000 m2, "The Green Spine" pulsates as the heartbeat of Caesar. With outdoor gyms, bike trails, gathering points, and a Horizon Swimming Pool, it provides residents with a tapestry of choices, encouraging an active and vibrant lifestyle amidst nature's embrace.

Symphony of Design & Architecture

Caesar is more than an abode; it's a testament to convenience and luxury. The landscaping, sandy footpaths, airy courtyards, and terraced tiers create a mesmerizing tapestry. The topography, with its stepped tiers, not only offers breathtaking Mediterranean views but also ensures the free flow of the northern breeze.

The Valley: Serenity Redefined

Caesar Valley, a secluded community with attached chalets, utilizes the natural slope to offer residents serenity and privacy. A short walk away from Caesar's facilities, including the hotel and The Green Spine, it provides a unique vantage point amidst lush landscapes.

A Crescendo of Unit Variety & Areas

Caesar Island North Coast unveils a symphony of unit choices, catering to diverse preferences:

  • Independent Venice Type villa: Starting from 430 square meters.

  • Independent Bologna Type villa: 400 square meters.

  • Florence Type chalets: 60 to 180 square meters.

  • Milan Type twin house villa: 285 square meters.

  • Verona Type twin house and town house villas: Starting from 235 square meters.

A Bliss of Services & Facilities

Caesar isn't just a residence; it's a lifestyle curated by SODIC:

  • Playgrounds and sports facilities

  • Clubhouse and horse-riding paddocks

  • Indoor and outdoor gyms

  • Shopping area with renowned brands

  • Aqua parks, spa club, and covered swimming pools

  • Commercial mall with cinemas

  • Yacht marina, golf course, and electric car charging areas

EDARA & Security: Managing the Symphony

EDARA Property Management, a SODIC subsidiary, ensures maximum efficiency, transparency, and professionalism in managing Caesar's properties. With ISO certifications for property management, EDARA offers seamless living experiences, from maintenance to security and emergency response.

The Symphony of Sophistication

Caesar in North Coast invites you to embrace elegance, indulge in luxury, and be part of a coastal symphony. This isn't just a residence; it's an ode to refined living. Let Caesar be your coastal sanctuary, where every moment becomes a note in the symphony of life.


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