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Exploring Eastown District New Cairo: SODIC's Latest Commercial and Retail Marvel

Welcome to the future of commercial and retail spaces in East Cairo! Eastown District New Cairo (EDNC), the newest gem in SODIC's mixed-use development portfolio, is set to redefine the way we work, shop, and unwind. In this blog, we'll explore the complex details of EDNC, exploring its strategic location, sustainable design, and the countless opportunities it offers to businesses and visitors alike.

Strategic Location

  • Prime Location: Located directly on Road 90, the central axis of New Cairo, and adjacent to The American University in Cairo.

  • Accessibility: Direct access to Eastown Residences, 20 minutes from the New Capital, and proximity to major amenities.

Sustainable Design

One of the standout features of EDNC is its commitment to sustainability. The architectural design prioritizes:

  • Green Focus: Ideal daylight exposure, minimizing electricity usage.

  • Healthy Environment: Fosters a healthy, productive environment with a reduced carbon footprint.

Location Advantage

  • Easily accessible from Cairo's main highways.

  • Proximity to key attractions like AUC, Cairo Festival City Mall, and Cairo International Airport.

Amenities Galore

  • A mall, medical facilities, offices, restaurants, a supermarket, and underground parking.

  • Walking promenades for a leisurely stroll through the district.


  • State-of-the-art clubhouse with a swimming pool, gym, and tennis courts.

  • Green spaces, parks, and playgrounds for a sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle.

  • Retail and dining options, medical facilities, and a range of property types.

Retail Delights at EDNC

EDNC's retail space is poised to be an all-in-one destination, offering a blend of European-inspired and uniquely tailored retail concepts. Spanning 14,765 sqm of Gross Leasable Area (GLA), the retail area includes specialty restaurants, artisan delicacies, boutique fashion stores, and innovative local entrepreneurs' concepts. The modern architecture, infused with art and greenery, creates a vibrant atmosphere along a promenade that leads to a unique park featuring sports facilities, a kids' area, and upscale casual dining.

Office Spaces Tailored for Success

Covering an expansive 85,000 sqm of office and retail built-up area, EDNC provides 40,000 sqm of premium leasable office and retail space. The office spaces, ranging from 147 sqm to 321 sqm, are designed with flexibility in mind. The units offer a core and shell finishing, allowing businesses to customize their spaces according to specific needs. With amenities like a mall, medical facilities, underground parking, and walking promenades, EDNC ensures a holistic and convenient work environment.

Office Spaces Tailored for Success

Expansive Area: Covering 85,000 sqm of office and retail built-up area.

Premium Leasable Space: 40,000 sqm of premium leasable office and retail space.

Flexibility: Office spaces ranging from 147 sqm to 321 sqm with core and shell finishing.

A Closer Look at EDNC: Property Sizes and Types

For those interested in the specifics, EDNC offers office spaces in various sizes and promises quality and excellence:

  • Office Spaces: Ranging from 147 sqm to 321 sqm.

  • Dedicated Commercial Environment: Primarily featuring office spaces within the vibrant New Cairo district.

Your Ultimate Guide to New Cairo

As we explore the wonders of EDNC, it's essential to understand the broader context of New Cairo:

  • Flourishing Communities: Precisely planned communities blending modernity with serenity.

  • Lifestyle and Landmarks: Unparalleled lifestyle with shopping centers, entertainment venues, and landmarks like the American University in Cairo.

Investment Benefits

  • Consistent growth in the real estate market.

  • Strong rental market, making it attractive for investors.

  • Developed by SODIC, a reputable and innovative real estate developer.

SODIC Lifestyle: An Insider's Guide

To truly grasp the essence of EDNC, let's take a closer look at SODIC:

  • Journey Through Time: SODIC's commitment to shaping lifestyles, from luxury villas to contemporary apartments.

  • Accomplishments: Industry awards, sustainability initiatives, and a focus on community building.

Investing in SODIC

Choosing to invest in SODIC's projects goes beyond financial considerations; it's an investment in a lifestyle and a vision. With proven excellence, a diverse portfolio, strategic locations, long-term value, and a community-centric approach, SODIC stands as a transformative force in Egypt's real estate landscape.

SODIC Lifestyle: A Pioneer in Egyptian Real Estate

As we conclude our exploration of Eastown District New Cairo, it's evident that this project is not just a commercial and retail destination; it's a proof to SODIC's commitment to shaping the future of modern living. Whether you're a business looking for a prime location or an investor seeking long-term value, EDNC and SODIC offer a compelling proposition in the dynamic landscape of East Cairo.

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