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Hillside Bliss Villas: Find Your Peace and Serenity in O West

Orascom Development, a leading established global developer, is proud to present Hillside Bliss Villas, a new collection of stunning standalone villas, twin houses, and townhouses nestled within the heart of O West, their latest town development in 6th of October, Egypt.

Embrace Tranquility

  • Wake up to the sounds of serene water features,

  • Take invigorating walks through the zen and botanical landscapes,

  • Arrive home to a sanctuary that fosters peace and tranquility every night.


Perfectly situated for easy access, O West boasts a central location in 6th of October:

  • Direct entry from Wahat Road

  • 3 minutes from Mall of Egypt

  • 3 minutes from Dahshour Road

  • 5 minutes from Juhayna Square

  • 7 minutes from Arkan Plaza

  • 7 minutes from Ring Road

  • 10 minutes from Mehwar

Hillside Bliss: A Haven Crafted by Visionary Minds

Masterfully Orchestrated by Renowned Duos:

  • HOK Conducts the Symphony of the Neighborhood: Balanced communities seamlessly integrated with picturesque landscapes.

  • EDSA Curates the Verdant Tapestry: Lush greenery and winding paths weave an inviting outdoor experience.

Architectural Poetry in Motion

  • Modern Verses Etched in Clean Lines and Expansive Light: Contemporary design featuring sleek lines, vast windows, and a blend of modern materials.

  • Nature's Embrace in Every Frame: Villas strategically positioned to capture the breathtaking Hillside vistas.

  • Where Indoor and Outdoor Become One: Spacious terraces blur the lines, creating an extension of living space.

  • Open Floor Plans: A Song of Space and Connection: Promoting a sense of flow and fostering connections throughout the home.

  • Natural Light, the Unseen Maestro: Large windows and skylights bathe the space in a warm, inviting glow.

  • A Touch of Smart Harmony (optional): Select villas offer the option of smart home features for enhanced convenience.

  • Personalize Your Symphony (optional): Choose from curated finishing packages or further customize your space to reflect your unique style.

Hillside Bliss Villas: A captivating composition of modern design, functionality, and the ability to personalize your living space, creating a haven of comfort and style in perfect harmony with the surrounding beauty.


Hillside Bliss Villas

Exquisite Designs:

Hillside Bliss offers a variety of styles to match your needs and preferences, including:

Prime Villas: Ideal for those starting their journey together, featuring beautiful design elements and Hillside views.

Horizon Villas: Boasting gorgeous double-height windows for ample natural light and a smart, innovative design.

Grand Villas: Perfect for large families, offering spacious living areas, stunning Hillside views, and a sleek design.

Twin Houses: Enjoy unparalleled views, easy access to amenities, and comfortable living in these unique homes.

Townhouses: Designed for convenience and peace of mind, offering wonderful views and a sleek, modern design.

Optional Inclusions

  • Penthouse additions for some villas, providing additional living space and potential for breathtaking rooftop views.

Finishing Options

  • Fully finished villas: Choose from two designer-curated light or deluxe finishing packages, allowing you to move in and start enjoying your new home immediately.

  • Customization options: Orascom Development also offers the opportunity to personalize your space with a variety of choices.

Experience O West

O West is more than just a collection of homes; it's a complete and integrated town meticulously designed to offer an unparalleled living experience. Here, you'll find:

  • Education: Top-tier schools conveniently located within O West.

  • Medical Care: Specialized clinics to cater to your healthcare needs.

  • Sports and Social Club: One of the largest in West Cairo, offering a diverse range of activities for the whole family.

  • Community Centers: Each neighborhood features a community center for easy access to essential services.

  • Walkability: O West is designed to prioritize pedestrians and cyclists, featuring designated paths and e-bike stations for effortless movement throughout the community.

  • Town Management: A dedicated team ensures the smooth operation and maintenance of all facilities, providing a hassle-free experience for residents.

  • Bustling Downtown: The heart of O West, featuring a vibrant array of shops, restaurants, and cafes for endless entertainment and shopping options.


  • Please note that finishing materials and specifications are subject to change.

Orascom Development: A Legacy of Excellence

With over 30 years of experience, Orascom Development is renowned for creating sustainable, integrated towns and communities around the world. Hillside Bliss Villas offer the opportunity to experience their commitment to quality and excellence in a serene and picturesque setting.

Explore a virtual tour to explore Hillside's exterior and interior previews, and the project's location and masterplan. Visit Hillside Bliss Tour for an immersive experience. Reach out today to learn more.


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