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ONE16 - A Fusion of Luxury and Serenity

ONE 16, an exquisite residential compound located in the heart of SODIC West, Sheikh Zayed City, West Cairo. Comprises 16 contemporary buildings designed for urban convenience, privacy, and peacefulness. With only 123 residential units, ONE 16 ensures a sense of exclusivity within a small, peaceful community.

Location and Connectivity

Strategically located in SODIC West, ONE 16 has direct access to the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road from the North and Sheikh Zayed City from the South. The compound is conveniently connected to downtown Cairo via renovated highways, offering residents easy commutes. Positioned between Westown Residences and The Courtyards, ONE 16 enjoys a quiet spot in SODIC West, providing a peaceful atmosphere close to bustling neighborhoods.

Design and Architecture

Planned and designed by I. EL-HABROUK Architects, ONE 16 maintains a luxurious and vibrant lifestyle. The architecture incorporates continuous green areas, creating a natural buffer between blocks. The buildings' facades achieve a modern aesthetic charm, with spacious terraces offering panoramic views. The apartments, ranging from 150 to 285 square meters, are thoughtfully designed for privacy and comfort, featuring three distinct zones.

Greenery and Layouts

ONE 16 showcases extensive greenery, including lawn areas, a central lake, outdoor exercise spaces, and parks. The properties offer unique layouts with three distinct zones – private, service, and public. The design ensures smooth circulation, privacy, and comfort within the living spaces.

Amenities and Recreational Activities

ONE 16, developed by Sodic, offers a luxurious gated community with amenities such as a self-catering zone, service kiosk, tent structure, children’s swimming pool, shaded areas, children’s playgrounds, and jogging tracks.

Property Types

The compound includes 123 residential properties, comprising luxurious apartments and spacious duplexes, providing a serene living environment with high standards and supreme privacy.

In summary, ONE 16 in SODIC West is not just a residential development; it's a demonstration to SODIC's commitment to creating communities that enhance residents' quality of life, combining luxury, tranquility, and connectivity in one harmonious package.

Edara Property Management

Edara Property Management provides premium services to ONE 16 residents, covering laundry, security, car care, plumbing, waste management, and fire safety services.EDARA Property Management, a SODIC subsidiary, ensures a seamless living experience at ONE 16. With services covering property management, domestic maintenance, security, and safety, EDARA prioritizes residents' well-being. ISO-certified for quality, health and safety, and environmental management, EDARA stands as a proof to SODIC's commitment to excellence.

Life in SODIC West

SODIC West, with its flourishing community of over 4,000 families, stands as one of Cairo's vibrant mixed-use developments. ONE 16 residents enjoy proximity to essential facilities, including Westown Medical Centre, well-known schools like the British International School in Cairo (BISC), The Beverly Hills German School (BHGS), and New Vision International School (NVIS). The Polygon business park and Westown Hub offer convenience and entertainment, enriching the overall living experience in SODIC West.

Immerse yourself in the luxury and tranquility of ONE 16 – where SODIC's commitment to Human Developments comes to life, creating not just homes but holistic communities that enrich lives. For those seeking a blend of luxury, tranquility, and connectivity, ONE 16 signals as a premier residential choice in West Cairo. Get in touch for more information.

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