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Seize the Moment: SODIC's New Zayed Projects for Smart Investors | The Estates and The Estates Residence

Updated: Jan 31

Discover one of the greatest opportunities to invest in one of Egypt’s elite developers, SODIC, in their latest new projects in New Zayed, Egypt. New Zayed is a captivating destination where the top developers and investors in Egypt have put their trust, making it a fantastic opportunity for people who want to invest. In this blog, we explore two of SODIC's latest launches in West Cairo, The Estates and The Estates Residence, offering a glimpse into the exceptional living experiences they promise.

SODIC's Commitment to Excellence

SODIC, a trusted and reputable developer, has a track record of successful projects in West and East Cairo. The company's commitment to spectacular planning, innovative design, and quality sets it apart in the real estate industry. SODIC stands as an ideal investment for potential investors, representing a dedication to excellence.

New Zayed City - A Growing Hub

Located in the 6th of October Governorate, New Zayed City stands out as a lively and swiftly expanding center for both living and commerce. SODIC has been a key player in shaping the vibrant landscape of this city, offering an array of homes, business spaces, and recreational spots.

New Zayed City, an extension of Sheikh Zayed, covers a massive 21 thousand acres in the northwest of Sheikh Zayed City. It has become a prestigious and luxurious city, with its projects continually growing. This area shows a unique style, featuring international and national schools, well-equipped hospitals, universities, malls, parks, and various facilities that position El Sheikh Zayed among the finest areas in Egypt. Home to top-notch compounds, including The Estates and The Estates Residences, New Zayed City is undoubtedly a gem worth exploring. Let's explore these remarkable compounds that add to the beauty of New Zayed City.


Let's explore The Estates, a high-end signature development by SODIC in New Zayed.

Location and Accessibility

Situated just five minutes from SODIC West, The Estates spans 150 acres, featuring 160,000 sqm of landscape and open spaces. Conveniently located on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, it offers easy access to SODIC West, Sphinx International Airport, Mehwar, the Grand Museum, and Heliopolis.

Luxury Living with SODIC Signatures

Step into a world of luxury and individuality with SODIC Signatures. These homes are made just for you, offering top-notch services like spa, retail, and education. SODIC Signatures is not just about luxury; it's the best of the best in community living.

In The Estates, part of SODIC Signatures, discover a new way to live. The homes blend modern style with natural beauty, extending into wide green spaces. Take a pleasant stroll along safe paths, far from traffic, and explore unique Pocket Parks filled with beautiful plants. The Estates shows that countryside living can be better than the city rush.

Masterfully Planned and Exceptional Amenities

Designed by an international master planner, The Estates dedicates 87% of its masterplan to green outdoors, ensuring a harmonious blend with nature. With amenities like a clubhouse, medical facilities, parks, pool, restaurants, supermarket, and walking promenades, The Estates promises an extraordinary living experience.

Extraordinary Homes

The Estates offers a variety of home types, from the spacious Flat Villa Plus to the charming Cottage, Twin, and Town Houses. Each home is thoughtfully designed, providing a serene haven with easy access to essential facilities.


A natural extension to The Estates, The Estate Residence Compound is a milestone in upscale living.

Prime Location and Amenities

Located in the heart of New Zayed, directly adjacent to The Estates, The Estates Residence offers luxury multi-family homes. With amenities like a club, medical facilities, parks, pool, restaurants, supermarket, and walking promenades, it creates a seamless community experience.

Modern Countryside Architecture

The Estates Residences showcase non-symmetrical architecture, offering a nod to simpler times. The buildings, with distinct color schemes, blend with the natural environment, providing imaginative views and plenty natural light.

World-Class Sports Facilities

Designed for an active lifestyle, The Estates Residences boast sports facilities like tennis courts, paddle tennis courts, pickleball courts, a 5-a-side football pitch, skating arena, jogging tracks, and more.

Innovative Residences and Nobu Hotel

The Estates Residences introduce innovative residences with premium finishes and versatile spatial utilization. Additionally, the debut of Nobu Hotel and Residences in Egypt at The Estates Residences adds a touch of contemporary luxury and Japanese nuances.

The Estates Residences is designed to create a high-end community in Sheikh Zayed. To achieve this, the project has partnered with Dewan, an international master planner. The design incorporates the latest techniques, creating an iconic presence in Sheikh Zayed, featuring green pathways, a connecting green spine, water bodies, and scenic parks with only a 17.5% footprint, promoting a healthy and vibrant gated community inspired by outdoor living.

The compound offers a variety of amenities to ensure a comfortable living experience, including:

1. Sports Facilities:

- Tennis courts

- Padel tennis courts

- 5-aside football pitch

- Multipurpose court

2. Pools:

- Family & kids pool

- Leisure pool

- Lap pool

3. Security and Services:

- 24/7 security

- Surveillance cameras

- Restaurants and cafes

- High-speed wifi

4. Green Spaces and Recreation:

- Vast green spaces

- Jogging track

- Outdoor gym

- Multipurpose room for social gatherings

5. Commercial and Retail Spaces:

- Convenience stores

- Outdoor retail experience

- F&B trucks and outlets

- High-end laundromat

6. Health and Well-being:

- Medical clinic

- Veterinary clinic

- Supermarket

The available properties in The Estates Residences New Zayed include:

- Apartments of 129 to 138 m² with 2 bedrooms

- Apartment of 145 to 154 m² with 2 bedrooms + maid’s room

- Apartments of 158 to 167 m² with 2 bedrooms + roof

- Apartments 185 to 198 m² with 3 bedrooms + maid’s room

- Duplexes of 280 to 297 m², consisting of 4 rooms, a living room, and a maid’s room

- Duplex 221 m² containing 3 bedrooms + living room + maid’s room

All units in the compound include Ground +2 floors.

The Estates Residences offers a variety of housing options, including standalone villas, twin homes, and townhomes:

Standalone Villas:

1. Villa 01

- 4 Bedrooms + Guest Room + Nanny + Penthouse

- Ground Floor Area: 151.40 m²

- First Floor Area: 146.9 m²

- Roof Annex Area: 39.7 m²

- Roof Terrace Area: 110.7 m²

- Total Area: 338.0 m²

2. Villa 02

- 4 Bedrooms + Nanny + Penthouse

- Ground Floor Area: 115.70 m²

- First Floor Area: 133.2 m²

- Roof Annex Area: 33.2 m²

- Roof Terrace Area: 99.9 m²

- Total Area: 282.1 m²

3. Villa 03

- 3 Bedrooms + Nanny + Penthouse

- Ground Floor Area: 103.50 m²

- First Floor Area: 112.5 m²

- Roof Annex Area: 29.1 m²

- Roof Terrace Area: 81.8 m²

- Total Area: 245.10 m²

Twin Homes:

1. Twin Home Unit A

- 4 Bedrooms + Nanny + Penthouse

- Ground Floor Area: 101.6 m²

- First Floor Area: 117.8 m²

- Roof Annex Area: 29.4 m²

- Roof Terrace Area: 82.3 m²

- Total Area: 248.8 m²

2. Twin Home Unit B

- 4 Bedrooms + Nanny + Penthouse

- Ground Floor Area: 101.6 m²

- First Floor Area: 117.50 m²

- Roof Annex Area: 29.4 m²

- Roof Terrace Area: 81.8 m²

- Total Area: 248.5 m²

Town Homes:

1. Town Home Unit A

- 3 Bedrooms + Nanny + Penthouse

- Ground Floor Area: 90.7 m²

- First Floor Area: 95.6 m²

- Roof Annex Area: 28.5 m²

- Roof Terrace Area: 68.40 m²

- Total Area: 214.8 m²

2. Town Home Unit B

- 3 Bedrooms + Nanny + Penthouse

- Ground Floor Area: 89.2 m²

- First Floor Area: 93.9 m²

- Roof Annex Area: 27.7 m²

- Roof Terrace Area: 67.7 m²

- Total Area: 210.8 m²

3. Town Home Unit C

- 3 Bedrooms + Nanny + Penthouse

- Ground Floor Area: 89.2 m²

- First Floor Area: 92.7 m2

- Roof Annex Area: 27.7 m²

- Roof Terrace Area: 66.2 m²

- Total Area: 209.6 m²

4. Town Home Unit D

- 3 Bedrooms + Nanny + Penthouse

- Ground Floor Area: 91.1 m²

- First Floor Area: 96.8 m²

- Roof Annex Area: 28.5 m²

- Roof Terrace Area: 69.8 m²

- Total Area: 216.4 m²

For those interested, SODIC Real Estate provides flexible payment options, including an installment plan of 7 years and 5% down payment plan.

Invest Today

With SODIC's dedication to quality, sustainability, and community development, investing in The Estates and The Estates Residence becomes an opportunity to be part of a booming and exceptional community in the heart of New Zayed. Don't miss the chance to secure your investment in this promising destination!

For more information, get in touch with us. Tatari Investment, your partner in smart and secure investments in Egypt.

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