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Spring Valley Compound in O West: Mini Gouna Vibes by Samih Sawiris

The remarkable success of O West, one of the top compounds in the country, is a proof to the excellence of Orascom Development. This leading real estate company is renowned for creating fully integrated destinations that go beyond residential compounds, including hotels, resorts, golf courses, marinas, and various leisure facilities. With notable developments in El Gouna and Hurghada, Orascom has solidified its reputation as an industry leader.


O West's Prime Location

Situated strategically on Wahat Road behind Media Production City, O West covers a massive area of 4.2 million square meters (1000 acres) in the First 6th of October City. Its location offers unparalleled accessibility to major roads and fun destinations, making it a central focal point in 6th October.

For daily commutes, O West provides easy access to various roads

O West: Your All-Encompassing Urban Oasis


  • Kent College

  • British Columbia Canadian International School (BCCIS)

  • Dr. Nermien Ismail Schools (NIS)

  • Saxony International School


  • Community centers in each neighborhood


  • Multiple swimming pools

  • Extensive green areas and landscapes

  • Trails for cyclists

  • Tracks for walking and jogging

  • West Cairo's largest sports and social club


  • High-end cafes and gourmet eateries


  • 24-hour security system with highly trained personnel


  • Commercial area and shopping center


  • Specialized clinics

  • Fully equipped hospital


  • Dedicated town management team

Introducing Spring Valley O-West

Adding to the allure of O West is the latest neighborhood, 'Spring Valley'. It offers a supreme mixture of mansions, standalone villas, twin, and townhouses, catering to diverse preferences for the perfect home.

HOK's Vision for Spring Valley O West

HOK, a famous architectural design firm, has conceptualized a masterplan for Spring Valley O West. This includes balanced and unique neighborhoods integrated with natural attributes. The use of "Green Fingers" creates meandering green spaces, promoting social interaction in a community-focused urban environment. The site's incredible natural topography facilitates a pedestrian-friendly civic spine, providing a safe and enjoyable experience.

EDSA's Landscaping Expertise

The landscaping of O West, including Spring Valley, is designed by EDSA, a world leader in creating passionate, distinctive, and innovative environments. This expertise is evident in meandering trails that engage pedestrians, fostering community interaction and celebrating the outdoors.

Architecture at Its Finest

The design and aesthetics of O West, including Spring Valley, are tailored to capture the essence of a modern dynamic community. Architects such as Ayman Arafa Designs, EKRAVD, Nara Studios, Schaduf, Design international, and Lab59 Architects have contributed to this innovative design, promising a personalized, efficient, elegant, and trendy way of living.

Find Peace in the Heart of Nature

This neighborhood redefines urban living by connecting the whole community with lush Green Fingers, providing a jogging pathway and play areas for children. With unique F&B services within walkable distance from the biggest social and sports club, O Business District, and other amenities, Spring Valley creates harmony among different lifestyles.

Shop Your Way

The community center, steps away from Spring Valley, offers a variety of facilities to cater to daily needs. With amenities like a convenience store, beauty salon, pharmacy, bakery, and a laundry, residents enjoy a seamless living experience.

Spring Valley Villas:

As part of O West, Spring Valley introduces a range of units, including Twin Houses, Town Houses, and Villas. The delivery timeline for these units is four years.


Invest with the best

O West, with its diverse neighborhoods like Spring Valley, embodies integrated living at its finest. Orchestrated by well-known architects and designers, it offers a sensory experience that evolves, adapts, and grows. The inclusion of educational institutions, sports facilities, commercial areas, and medical services underscores its commitment to providing a true wholesome town experience.

Investing in O West, particularly in O West, means embracing a lifestyle where every detail has a story to tell. The unique combination of nature, architecture, and vibrant communities makes O West a standout destination.

As a proud project of Orascom Development, it invites you to explore the virtual tour here.

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