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The Courtyard - The Heart of Westown

The Courtyards, located in the heart of Westown, is a residential neighborhood designed for functionality and style. Comprising five interlinked courtyards, this development emphasizes green spaces, traffic-free living, and world-class amenities, including Westown's Sports and Leisure Club.

Unique Design Concept

The Courtyards' design concept revolves around providing residents with a serene living environment. The homes, designed by SODIC's in-house team, offer a variety of living spaces. The buildings are thoughtfully arranged around courtyards, offering residents green views and private parks, enhancing the overall living experience.

Located in the center of Westown, The Courtyards is a short walk from Westown Residences, Forty West, The Polygon, and the vibrant restaurants and cafes of Westown Hub and The Strip. Additionally, it is directly connected to the Pedestrian Green Spine, doubling as a recreational facility. The Westown clubhouse, offering facilities from sports to social outings, is also nearby.

Discover the Supreme Living Experience at The Courtyards by SODIC

Traffic-Free Living

One of the distinctive features of The Courtyards is its commitment to traffic-free living. The design ensures sufficient space for families to walk, jog, and play without worrying about the safety of their children. This emphasis on open spaces contributes to a serene and secure community environment.

Interlinked Courtyards and Open Spaces

Comprising five interlinked courtyards, The Courtyards incorporates natural hardscape and spacious outdoor areas. Each courtyard possesses its own charm and character, providing residents with a diverse and vibrant living environment. The large open spaces are designed to accommodate various activities and are decorated with native plant life, creating a dynamic and seasonal landscape.

World-Class Amenities

The Courtyards takes pride in offering world-class amenities to ensure residents can go about their daily routines with ease and confidence. These amenities include:

  • Underground and on-ground parking for convenience.

  • Medical facilities, pharmacies, and select grocery stores within a short walk.

  • Access to The British International School in Cairo for fine education.

  • Premier recreational facilities, including Westown's Sports and Leisure Club and Allegria's Greg Norman Signature Golf Course.

Excellence in Property Management

The Courtyards is equipped with 24-hour facility management and security provided by EDARA, SODIC's own property management company. With three international ISO Certificates, EDARA ensures the highest quality services for SODIC residents. The services include:

  • Full domestic maintenance services based on clients' requests.

  • A strong focus on community safety, including gate monitoring and fixed and mobilized security points.

Design Approach and Varied Living Spaces

The structures are positioned surrounding inner courtyards, providing residents with lush green vistas and exclusive parks. The residences within The Courtyards symbolize a lifestyle of functionality and elegance, crafted through exceptional design. 

Every aspect has been thoughtfully considered with your requirements in mind. Additionally, these homes feature private gardens or rooftop suites that overlook secluded courtyards within each cluster. Offering homes starting areas ranging from 150 sqm to 300 sqm providing a true sense of community among the flourishing SODIC West. 

Designed by SODIC's in-house design team, these homes are truly unique, offering various living spaces tailored to your needs. The architectural layout revolves around courtyards, ensuring residents enjoy green views and private parks.

Westown Clubhouse

The Courtyards, as part of Westown, contributes to a master-planned community. The residential zone, the Pedestrian Green Spine, mixed-use zone, and commercial/entertainment zone create a well-rounded living environment.

  • Residential Zone: Centered around the Pedestrian Green Spine, Westown Residences and The Courtyards form gated residential neighborhoods featuring Apartments, City Villas, Duplexes, Signature Lofts, Townhouses, and Twin-houses.

  • The Pedestrian Green Spine: Running through Westown Residences, it acts as a gateway to the entirety of Westown.

  • Mixed-use Zone: This area incorporates fully-finished, luxurious apartments of Forty West built around the Piazza, complete with shops, restaurants, and cafes.

  • Commercial/Entertainment Zone: The Polygon and Westown Hub, with a range of offices, restaurants, and cafes, are poised to become the commercial and entertainment hub of Westown.

Residents enjoy membership at the Westown Clubhouse. The Westown Clubhouse is the ultimate destination for you and your family to engage in a variety of recreational activities. Equipped with a gym, squash courts, lap and recreational pool, it stands as the sole destination for a fun day in the sun or an invigorating workout.

Club Amenities:

  • Social Area

  • Outdoor Restaurant

  • Outdoor Children's Area

  • Leisure Pool

  • Lap Pool

  • Gym & Squash Courts

  • Toddlers Area

  • Multi-purpose Courts

  • Football Field

  • Tennis Courts

  • Juice Bar

  • Parking

Security, Specifications, and Amenities

Ensuring your safety through multiple layers of state-of-the-art security technology, SODIC developments within SODIC West, including Allegria, Westown, and Beverly Hills, are part of a secure and gated master community monitored and patrolled by EDARA Security Services. 

Additional Features

  • Secure communal gardens

  • Views onto communal gardens

  • Underground and on-ground parking spaces

  • Access points for gardening and maintenance

  • Extremely durable and washable exterior façades

  • Façades designed to conceal AC units

  • Premium-grade double-glazed windows

The Heart of Westown 

The Courtyards at Westown is not just a place to live; it's a lifestyle of calmness, security, and convenience. With its unique design, emphasis on open spaces, and commitment to world-class amenities, The Courtyards reflects SODIC's dedication to exceptional living experiences in the heart of Westown. Explore the extraordinary at The Courtyards and elevate your living standards with SODIC. Reach out for more.

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