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The Polygon Business Park- Shaping the Future of Cairo's Business Landscape

Are you ready to experience a revolutionary shift in Cairo's business scene? The Polygon, designed by the multiple-award-winning UK-based architecture firm Wilkinson-Eyre, is not just a business park; it's a game-changer in Egypt's office space arena. Let's explore the innovative features and unique offerings that make The Polygon a landmark in SODIC's Westown development.

Architectural Brilliance by Wilkinson-Eyre

  • Designed by Wilkinson-Eyre, a renowned UK-based architecture firm.

  • Back-to-back winners of the prestigious Stirling Prize for architecture in the UK.

  • Known for groundbreaking designs and innovative use of materials and technologies.

Strategic Prime Location:

  • Located at the heart of SODIC West, West Cairo's thriving business hub.

  • Direct access to Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road for seamless connectivity.

  • Walking distance from Westown Hub, The Strip, and key residential areas.

Amenities Redefined

The Polygon offers a variety of amenities to enhance your work environment:

  • Electric Charging stations

  • Mall

  • Medical Facilities

  • Restaurants

  • Supermarket

  • Underground Parking

Revolutionizing Cairo's Office Space

  • Addresses the shortage of quality office space in Cairo.

  • Provides easy access, flexible spaces, full security, and cutting-edge office technologies.

  • The Polygon is the new benchmark for contemporary office spaces.

Well-Designed Workplace

  • Over 70,000 square meters of 'Class A' office space.

  • 11 uniquely designed buildings with inspirational architecture.

  • Landscaped open spaces fostering creativity and collaboration.

Flexible Office Spaces

  • Designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes.

  • Customizable office spaces tailored to specific needs.

  • Options to buy or lease ideal office or showroom spaces.

Unique Polygon Buildings

  • The Mountain

  • The Business Hotel

  • The Polygon Residences

Award-Winning Architects' Vision

  • Each building has a unique asymmetrical shape, providing natural light and outdoor terraces.

  • 'Class A' office space with double-height ceilings, state-of-the-art elevators, and advanced internet connectivity.

  • Outdoor spaces designed for flexibility, collaboration, and a microclimate.

Convenient City-Center Living

  • Part of Westown, the meticulously planned city center for West Cairo.

  • Pedestrian-friendly streets, sustainable design, and diverse amenities.

  • Westown's Central Boulevard with designer shops, restaurants, and vibrant social scenes.

Developed by SODIC and Solidere International

  • SODIC, known for well-planned new developments in Cairo.

  • Solidere International, experienced in large-scale urban projects globally.

  • Shared commitment to transforming lives through state-of-the-art projects.

Your Ideal Workspace Awaits

The Polygon pioneers a new era of working, offering flexible spaces and an improved daily quality of life. Whether you're a startup or a well-established enterprise, The Polygon can tailor office spaces to fit your unique needs. Join the forward-looking companies making The Polygon the place where innovation takes shape.

Ready to redefine your workspace? Reach out to us for more information and be part of the future of Cairo's business landscape. The Polygon is not just an office space; it's a revolutionary concept shaping the way we work and live. Seize the opportunity to be part of this transformative journey!

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