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The Portal - Elevating Business and Lifestyle in West Cairo

Are you ready to experience a new dimension of luxury and functionality in the heart of West Cairo? The Portal, SODIC's finest venture, is set to redefine commercial spaces with its international-standard offerings. Let's explore the details of this exceptional project that seamlessly combines premium retail and office spaces.

Project Overview

The Portal spans an impressive 31,300 square meters, offering fully finished offices, an outdoor business park, and convenient underground parking. Whether you're a startup or a multinational corporation, The Portal promises a unique day-to-day experience with its key location and premium amenities.

Location and Project Details

  • Strategically positioned in the northeast end of Westown, adjacent to The Polygon.

  • Overlooking the Cairo-Alexandria Desert highway and the landscaped spine separating it from The Polygon.

  • A short walk away from The Courtyards, Forty West, and Allegria.

  • Area: 31,000 square meters

  • Unit Types: Commercial, Administrative, Medical

  • Unit Areas: Starting from 140 sq. meters


The Portal is not just a commercial space; it's a comprehensive destination providing:

  • Electric Charging stations

  • Medical Facilities

  • Offices

  • Parks

  • Restaurants

  • Underground Parking

Why Choose the Portal?

1. Strategic Location: Positioned in Sheikh Zayed, it enjoys proximity to major roads and landmarks.

2. Architectural Excellence: Meticulously designed by international architects for a modern and sophisticated look.

3. Diverse Unit Sizes: From 140 to 341 square meters, catering to various business needs.

4. State-of-the-Art Facilities: The Portal prioritizes safety, convenience, and a thriving work environment.

The Portal isn't just a commercial space; it's an embodiment of luxury and success. As part of SODIC's dedication to quality living, The Portal ensures a safe, vibrant, and technologically advanced environment. From green spaces to advanced security measures, The Portal is your gateway to a new standard of commercial living.

Connect with Us

Ready to get on a journey of success? Reach out to us for more information and seize the opportunity to secure your unit in The Portal. Experience the essence of elegance and innovation in every corner of this remarkable SODIC project. Don't miss the chance to be a part of West Cairo's thriving business landscape!

Join The Portal - Where Every Corner Speaks Excellence.

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