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Uncover the Charm of Sky Condos: Where Modern Living Meets Smart Investment in East Cairo!

In the heart of East Cairo lies a residential haven that seamlessly blends architectural brilliance with an array of top-notch services and leisure activities. Welcome to Sky Condos, one of SODIC's prestigious projects, where every detail is precisely designed to offer residents an unparalleled living experience.

About Sky Condos: A Symphony of Design and Comfort

Sky Condos stand as evidence to SODIC's commitment to creating not just residences, but fully integrated communities. With exceptional architectural design and a focus on delivering the best services and facilities, Sky Condos redefine modern living in East Cairo.

Location: Where Convenience Meets Connectivity

Situated in New Cairo near the 90th Main Street and Cairo Club, Sky Condos enjoys a prime location. The strategic positioning extends to the New Administrative Capital and the Future University, offering residents supreme convenience.

Sky Condos' strategic location ensures easy access to various destinations:

  • 10 minutes from AUC

  • 5 minutes from Eastown Residences and EDNC

  • Direct access to Road 90

  • 25 minutes from Cairo Airport

  • 15 minutes from Cairo Sokhna Road

  • 25 minutes from New Administrative Capital

Project Overview: Space, Diversity, and Elegance

Sky Condos spans an expansive 886 acres, providing a canvas for a variety of living spaces. From apartments to duplexes and standalone villas, the project offers a diverse range of unit types to cater to different preferences.

Unit Types

  • Apartments

  • Duplexes

  • Standalone Villas

Unit Spaces

  • Apartments: 127 sqm to 184 sqm

  • Duplexes: 307 sqm to 315 sqm

  • Standalone Villas: 387 sqm

Amenities: Elevating Your Living Experience

The essence of Sky Condos lies not just in its residences but in the holistic living experience it offers. From a dedicated club and clubhouse to electric-charging stations, parks, underground parking, and walking promenades, the amenities are designed to enrich residents' lives.

Villette: The Heart of New Cairo

Sky Condos is part of Villette, a development that combines the tranquility of being away from city life with proximity to New Cairo's vital attractions. Just five minutes from Road 90 and Egypt's New Capital, Villette is strategically positioned for a perfect blend of accessibility and privacy.

Sky Condos: A Small City Within

Sky Condos isn't just a residential complex; it's an integrated small city designed for ultimate comfort and tranquility. With varied housing units including duplexes, stand-alone villas, and apartments, SODIC Development and Investment have created a modern masterpiece.

Sodic's Innovative Design and Features

The distinctive green color envelops Sky Condos, constituting 80% of its area. Large spaces between residential units enhance privacy, while artificial lakes and crystal lagoons add to the beauty. The unique pyramid-shaped design, modern architecture, and attention to detail make Sky Condos a standout project.

Services and Facilities: Elevating Your Lifestyle

  • Sky Condos offers top-notch services to enhance residents' lives:

  • Extensive green spaces for relaxation

  • Running, walking, and cycling paths

  • State-of-the-art gym

  • Restaurants, cafes, and health club

  • Barbecue areas and event halls

  • Mosques, pharmacies, and dedicated parking

  • Advanced security system and surveillance cameras

  • Club House for added luxury

Payment Plans: Flexible and Appealing

  • 5% down payment, with the remaining amount payable over 8 years

  • Units delivered in a semi-finished state, allowing customers to customize the finishing according to their preferences

Investment in New Cairo: Your Gateway to Growth

Investing in New Cairo is not just a financial decision; it's a strategic move toward growth and prosperity. The area's continuous population and economic growth make it an attractive investment destination.

 Why Invest in New Cairo?

  • Complete city with advanced infrastructure

  • Significant growth in commercial, real estate, medical, and hospitality sectors

  • Increased demand for villas and diverse residential compounds

  • Ideal living conditions with educational, medical, and commercial services readily available

Your Opportunity Awaits: Seize It Today!

Whether you seek a long-term investment or an immediate project, New Cairo provides the ideal environment for growth. Sky Condos, within the heart of modern Egypt, offers a unique blend of luxury, convenience, and investment potential. Seize your opportunity today and invest in Sky Condos for a future of sustainable profit and growth!

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