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V Residences by SODIC: Redefining Luxury Living in New Cairo's Heart

Discover a new standard of luxurious living with V Residences, an exclusive development settled in the heart of New Cairo within the famous Villette community by SODIC. Let's explore the key features that make V Residences a unique and sophisticated choice for those seeking a harmonious blend of convenience and opulence.

Location Beyond Compare

Proximity to Key Locations:

  • 10 minutes from AUC

  • 5 minutes from Eastown Residences and EDNC

  • Direct access to Road 90

  • 25 minutes from Cairo Airport

  • 15 minutes from Cairo Sokhna Road

Amenities at Your Doorstep

Indulge in a life filled with recreational delights at V Residences. Whether it's relaxing in the Clubhouse, enjoying the lush Parks, or strolling along the Walking-Promenades, every moment promises a touch of luxury.

  • Club

  • Clubhouse

  • Electric-Charging Stations

  • Parks

  • Restaurants

  • Walking-Promenades

Unique Design and Layout

Experience a distinctive architectural layout that maximizes the natural contours of the land, offering a 360-degree view of Villette's landscape for residents. V Residences is surrounded by luxury standalone villas and a vast town center, creating a unique living environment.

  • Two and three-bedroom apartments

  • Fully finished units with three different finishing palettes

  • Ground floor and penthouse options

  • Apartments delivered to the best standards

Phase One Overview

Explore the units of the initial phase one in V Residences

  • Two-bedroom apartments (137 to 160 sqm)

  • Three-bedroom apartments (175 to 235 sqm)

  • Duplexes (290 sqm)


Central & connected.

In the heart of V Residences, inspiration unfolds against the vast expanse. Whether it's the playful sunbeams weaving through the clouds or the captivating scenes shimmering in the distance, anticipation fills the air as you return home. Immerse yourself in a world of fantasies or let your thoughts wander into unexplored areas. At V Residences, every day commences and concludes with views that ignite inspiration.

Green Haven in the Heart of New Cairo

Villette, the master-planned community, introduces residents to a unique living experience. Four signature pocket parks—community, sports, meditation, and entertainment—cover an expansive area, providing recreational spaces for diverse interests.

Soothing Interiors and Finishing Palettes

V Residences pay meticulous attention to interior design, offering residents a choice between three distinctive finishing palettes: Avant-Garde, Distingué, and Contemporain.

  • Avant-Garde: Daring and bold colors for a modern and mysterious vibe

  • Distingué: Neutral base for warmth and serenity

  • Contemporain: Organic canvas with an earthy ambiance

 Artistic Architecture and Breathtaking Views

The expressive architecture of V Residences features asymmetric facades and oversized windows, allowing natural light to flood the interiors. Wake up to awe-inspiring views of lush greenery and the captivating skyline of Villette.

In every aspect, V Residences by SODIC stands as a witness to refined living, offering a unique combination of modernity, luxury, and natural beauty. Elevate your lifestyle and embrace the extraordinary at V Residences. For more information and to explore your future home, reach out to Tatari Investment.

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